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Ready to elevate your fluid handling experience? Contact us today and entrust your operations to the excellence woven into every valve. From intricate industrial systems to everyday applications, our valves set a new standard, embodying the perfect equilibrium where control meets efficiency.

Check Valves
We have check valves from TA and Duyar in stock. Check valves are nearly everywhere, and their primary function is to allow flow from A to B without returning any flow. The most common types of check valves are:

  • Ball Check Valves: The most popular type, with a metal ball that normally prevents reverse flow.
  • Diaphragm Check Valves: A diaphragm within the valve controls the flow, releasing pressure when the pressure on one side of the valve exceeds the pressure on the other.
  • Swing Check Valves: Similar to a trap door, a swing door opens and closes to enable flow.

Gate Valves 
Gate Valves by TA, VIR, and Duyar are primarily employed as barriers or, as the name implies, a gate to cut off the supply of flow. This simple use makes them indispensable in the HVAC business, and the most prevalent applications are to isolate or separate systems. The most frequent type of valve utilized in the business.

Balancing Valves
In HVAC systems that rely on the flow of water through the system, automatic balancing valves are used. A balancing valve’s primary function is to guarantee that the proper flow rate or pressure is achieved in the system. Using cutting-edge flow technology to ensure that the intended flow rate is maintained at all times, regardless of pressure fluctuations inside the system. The importance of selecting the perfect valve cannot be overstated; Acsys now provides the majority of its balancing valves through TA, which are certified for accuracy and precision.

Globe, Ball and 3 Way Valves
Valves, like doors and windows in the HVAC sector, should always be purchased with the suitable component for the correct function. There are numerous types of valves, each designed to perform a certain job. Precision and accuracy are critical in the HVAC industry for system longevity, remote support, and, most importantly, maintenance.

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A valve is a device used to control the flow of fluids (liquids and gases) within a system. It can start, stop, or regulate the flow as needed.

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