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Elevating Efficiency with TAC by Schneider Electric. Our advanced solutions redefine smart energy management, providing sustainable and integrated solutions for a brighter, more efficient future.

TAC by Schneider Electric

The controls industry is focusing on information technology for building management – Building IT – to meet the growing building control requirements of today’s building owners and occupants. TAC Vista develops efficient, cost-effective building control solutions that integrate easily with other products based on open system design by combining communications, data gathering, information exchange, and networking into a single, interoperable system.

TAC Vista creates a comprehensive building management solution that is reliable, versatile, and cost-effective by combining industry-standard technology with an easy-to-use interface. TAC Vista can be customized for any building and security management application due to its full integration of environmental control, facility management, and energy management in a single software package.

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TAC by Schneider Electric is a division dedicated to building automation and control solutions, offering innovative systems to optimize energy management and improve overall building efficiency.

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