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Acsys Control Systems’ most recent collaboration is with Strega Technologies. Strega is a French company that specializes in remote control through LORA/IP communication systems. One of the most significant advantages of employing this technology is its compatibility and ease of use with systems in the Middle East, as the technology is specifically designed to meet the local market.

LORA/IP based Communication Systems
Being a member of the LoRa Alliance Family provides immediate benefits; in addition to increased flexibility and interoperability, factors like as low power consumption make battery-powered modules more realistic. Furthermore, the frequencies on which these devices operate are free to use anywhere in the world, including the Middle East. LoRa equipped devices can also broadcast up to 15 km in non-urban regions and 5 km in urban areas, making them a good contender for use in remote monitoring systems.

Remote Monitoring Systems
Remote monitoring is undoubtedly the future of automation systems worldwide; the UAE has a significant head start in remote monitoring systems, and the trend will undoubtedly grow. The more effectively it is accepted and used, the easier it will be to perform more diagnostics, attack numerous systems, and solve problems much faster. Without a doubt, our goal is to stay ahead of the competition by inventing newer technology to give the best solutions possible.

Smart Valves
Acsys Control Systems provides a wide variety of valves, sensors, and other components. We try to remain inventive and provide the best in the market, now with the assistance of Strega Technologies.

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