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At Acsys Control Systems, we redefine possibilities in cutting-edge control solutions, empowering you to shape a future of efficiency, reliability, and innovation. Control today, shape tomorrow with us.

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Sultan Business Centre, Al Wasl Building, UAE

Precision Control Solutions

Efficiency, Reliability, and Innovation Combined.

Sustainable HVAC Excellence

Comfort with Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness.

Continual Innovation and Growth:

Throughout our journey, we have remained dedicated to innovation & growth, adapting to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry & the aspirations of our clients.

Our Longstanding Leadership:

ACSYS Control Systems has been a leading figure in the UAE's control systems industry for 25 years, dedicated to quality and client satisfaction.

About ACSYS Control Systems

Elevate Efficiency,Reliability, and Comfort.

For more than 25 years, Acsys Control Systems has led the UAE’s control systems industry, upholding an unwavering commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Venturing into HVAC Excellence:

We have extended our expertise into the HVAC sector, earning accolades as an award-winning distributor for Kamstrup, focusing on innovative HVAC solutions that enhance comfort, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

Expertise And Experience

With over 25 years experience, ACSYS Control Systems brings a wealth of experience to projects. Our team's expertise ensures your control system needs are met with precision & excellence.

Innovative Solutions

We're committed to staying at the forefront of technology, offering cutting-edge control systems, including HVAC solutions. Elevate your quality of life with our innovative and sustainable solutions.

Customer-Centric Approach

Your contentment is paramount at Acsys Control Systems. We specialize in designing, integrating, and maintaining control systems that go above and beyond, guaranteeing efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind.

Explore Our Full Range of Products

Our Products


Kamstrup Btu Meters

Energy Measurement Marvels: Precision Instruments for Accurate Utility Consumption Monitoring.


TAC Control Systems

Advanced Control Solutions Tailored to Elevate Performance & Ensure Optimal Operations.


Speed Clean Products

Swift Cleanliness Solutions: Innovative Products Engineered for Rapid and Effective System Maintenance.


Schneider Electric

Powerful Solutions: Leader in Electrical Distribution, Automation, and Control Systems for Unmatched Performance.


GoodWay Technology

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Enhanced System Cleanliness & Efficiency in Every Application.


Strega Technologies

Technological Innovations from Strega Technologies Optimizing Industrial Processes and Performance.


Valves for Fluid Control

Flow Mastery: Essential Valves for Precision Control in Managing the Movement of Liquids and Gases.


SwitchGear & Cables

High-Quality Electrical Distribution Solutions Ensuring Seamless Power Flow and System Integrity.


Strainers & Sensors

Essential Tools for Monitoring and Filtering Systems to Ensure Optimal Performance and Safety.

Precision Unleashed

Elevating Living through Precision Control: Your Vision, Our Expertise.

Experience the Acsys Process: Assess, Design, Implement – Precision Control Solutions Unleashed.



Thoroughly assess client needs and system requirements for personalized solutions.



Craft cutting-edge designs tailored to enhance efficiency and reliability.



Seamless implementation, ensuring the envisioned control solutions come to life effortlessly.

Our Testimonial

Voices of Satisfaction

Sarah M.
Sarah M.

Residential Client

Acsys Control Systems exceeded expectations, providing innovative solutions for our business. The T.A.C partnership ensured unparalleled efficiency. They're our go-to for reliable control systems, delivering excellence consistently.

John D.
John D.

Commercial Client

Seamless integration, unparalleled reliability. Acsys transformed our residential space with cutting-edge control systems. Their dedication to excellence makes them our trusted partner in modern living solutions.

Laura F.
Laura F.

Business Owner

Kamstrup cooling solutions from Acsys are a game-changer. Efficient, eco-friendly, and exceeded expectations. Acsys consistently delivers innovative, reliable solutions, setting them apart as an industry leader.

Bennett M.
Bennett M.

Energy Management User

SwitchGear & Cables by Acsys optimized our energy use, providing remarkable results. Their commitment to excellence and precision in control solutions makes them our preferred partner for reliable energy management.

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